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What Is Shagan?

Cash Gifting

It is a contactless digital platform that allows individuals to gift the future couple at their upcoming wedding.

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Guest Tracking

Track payments received at each event and plan your spend accordingly.

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Benefits Of Shagan




is the new norm in the post covid world and Shagan provides a contactless solution to gifting.
Shagan eliminates the unnecessary contact that a wedding card, cash and cheque pose.
Shagan provides the new standard of contactless gifting


Shagan eliminates the fear associated with the money box
The couple will not need to spend money to hire security or buy/rent a money box.
The couple will not have to appoint a trustworthy family member/friend to guard the money box, which takes away from their experience.
The security of the money box when in transit/storage will no longer be an issue.


Shagan is giving simplified Guests avoid last minute trips to withdraw cash at the bank or purchase a wedding card at the local drugstore. Shagan allows you to send money via your bank account or credit card and provides a digital personalized card to be attached to your gift.

The couple no longer have to hold on to cash and cheques until a trip to the bank. Shagan directly deposits the couple's wedding gifts in one seamless transaction to their account.


Shagan allows guests to send their monetary gifts directly to the couples profile ensuring safe receipt. Misspelt names on cheques, holds/insufficient funds will no longer be a problem.

Shagan automatically saves all transaction history allowing the couple or guest to see exactly how much was sent/received and for what event for future reference.

Flat $9
concierge fee

No Charges
For Receiving
Your Gifts

Shagan is an innovative solution in
a world
that is quickly evolving.
We look to become the new standard of gifting.
Contactless gifting. Secured gifting.
Eco- Friendly gifting.
Convenient gifting.

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